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Who Are We?

Dealer Benefits

Regular weekly service on all vehicles for one set fee until the car is sold... Optional Dealer car mat creating brand recognition and advertising...A one stop shop for seat repair, deodorizer, plastic carpet coverings, mats, repairs...No need to use paper mats that devalue the appeal after people have been in it a few times...Not locked in to a contract. A continual need to outperform dealer expectations everyday.

What Does Auto Maculate Offer?


Car Detailing Picture

Statistics With Auto Maculate’s services, cars tend to move off the lot faster, and on average sell for $150-$300 more. Auto Maculate’s fees are less than half of what a detailer would charge. Why pay a detailer double the cost for half the service to sell the car? Our mobile operation allows us to cut overhead costs that an in-house detailer would incur. The result is that the savings are passed on to you.